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Christian L. Oct 9th, 2017
Eric N. The water tastes more chlorinated then ever today.. Adverse effects of chlorine and other chemicals in our water are disgusting. I used to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day and now i drink 1 glass every three days, i feel absolutely horrible if i drink a normal amount of water when its chlorinated!! PUT IT BACK!! I NEED TO DRINK SOME NORMAL WATER. I dont want to have to buy bottled water just to live without feeling like shit! May 30th, 2016
Janice M. We are bombarded with chemicals and we need to minimize them where ever possible! May 24th, 2016
Jannette S. May 23rd, 2016
Alyssa A. Apr 20th, 2015
Brayden T. I strongly disagree with the process in which the decision to chlorinate our water was conducted. There was no proof that Chilliwack's water supply had been directly contaminated, and no proof that chlorination could have even prevented the E-coli cases spotted. FHA seemed to make this decision on a whim; they didn't take the time to research or even "put two and two together". When questioned, FHA claimed they were following standard procedures as a precaution.

Now because of a lack of research and testing on FHA's part, Chilliwack is immediately required to upgrade facilities ($1 million +) to add a "mostly unharmful amount" of a poisionous chemical to our not-proven-to-be-contaminated water system. Also, many residents will spend hundreds or thousands of dollars per year just to limit the bitter chemical taste (AKA "Pool/Abbotsford water").

It is outraging that no Chilliwack residents had a say in such a massive, spontaneous decision that will now FOREVER negatively impact our economy, health, lifestyle and pride in our city.

PRECAUTION is NOT a reason to chlorinate water!
Jul 18th, 2014
Conor O. Apr 21st, 2014
Brandon H. Ever since the chlorine has been added to the water I just cannot stand it. The water now smells disgusting and the taste of it makes me feel sick. Mar 11th, 2014
Travis N. Mar 6th, 2014
Ross L. Feb 20th, 2014
Carmen W. Jan 11th, 2014
Jason H. Never Chlorinate The Chilliwack Water! Dec 11th, 2013
Linda G.
I believe that the water in Chilliwack is safe, and we do not need
chlorine in it. I have to believe that Fraser Health, has it's own agenda for
chlorinating the water.
I have stopped drinking our water for the past few months, as I believe
that the chlorine in it was making me sick. Since, I have been drinking water
with no chlorine in it, I feel back to normal.
Why, am I paying extra for chlorinated water, that I don't wish to drink?
This should be put to referendum, why should Fraser Health speak for us?
I want to put something in my water intake to take out the chlorine, and why
should I go through the expense, and then, pay for chlorinated water as well.
Something is wrong here, what is really going on?
Nov 26th, 2013
Alexandra B. Health Canada deems fluoride as a drug. Nov 22nd, 2013
Justina G. chemical - free water is a human right Oct 15th, 2013
Denise A. There is much that Chilliwack needs to clean up, and the water is not one of them. Sep 15th, 2013
Glen T. Aug 5th, 2013
A. E. FUCK FHA Jul 31st, 2013
Graham S. Jul 24th, 2013
Emily B. Jul 7th, 2013
Julia B. Our government clearly has no concern of the people's perspective on OUR water. Jul 7th, 2013
Rachel N. Jul 7th, 2013
Michael M. Jul 7th, 2013
Laverne B. I want our beautiful clean non-chlorinated water back! Laverne Jun 20th, 2013
Stu C. Jun 18th, 2013